Building on GRR

GRR owners must receive Architectural Review Committee approval before building or altering the exterior appearance of their property or home.

Activities that require Architecture Review Committee (ARC) approval include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Well drilling
  2. Creation or modification of your driveway or road to home site
  3. Home construction, primary residence or guest quarters
  4. Home remodeling, exterior changes only
  5. Building of any additional structures such as coops, barns, storage facilities, extra garages, greenhouses, horse shelters or stables, or other structures
  6. New or substantial modification of landscaping
  7. Ponds or other water features; tennis courts or pools
  8. Construction of solar or wind systems
  9. Construction of fences, railings, or walkways

If you plan to undertake any of the above activities, you must first submit your plans to the ARC for review and approval. When your project is complete you must inform the ARC according to CC&R 6.7.

To contact the ARC, please write or call:
Saddle Peak Properties, Attn: GRRHOA Architectural Review
PO Box 4240
Bozeman, MT, 59772
Phone: 406.582.7490

All plans must be submitted in either paper form, three copies, or electronic format. The ARC, by covenant, will act on your request within 30 days, so add that time to any timetable or plans you make.

(click orange link for download)

GRR Architectural Plan & Building Requirements

GRR Building Application

Declaration of Conditions, Protective Covenants & Reservations for GRR

GRR Bylaws

Building Near the Pipeline

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